Digital Media and Marketing


Data Management, Real-time streaming and Optimization, Serverless Computing


Global B2C Branding and Advertising Leader

For global brands, the complexity of accessing and analyzing video inventory can put high-value audiences out of reach. How can brands and agencies work together to get precisely the bang for the buck they bank on across all channels — for billions of bets every day?

Managing the mix of online video audiences is a huge opportunity for an omnichannel ad strategy — provided it can integrate it with performance data in real time. ElevationData built a powerful microservices architecture that delivers micro-targeted audience opportunities across platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Instagram and more. By integrating OTT advertising with the bidding and analytics of a complete media mix, ElevationData helped this AdTech innovator give media companies and their brands a solution to handle all the channels of the ever-changing digital landscape.

  • AWS native data platform Aurora & RedShift simplify rich data analytics
  • Real-time bidding auto-scales seamlessly in a container-driven architecture with Docker
  • Machine Learning optimizes programmatic modeling driving effectiveness of ad buys across platforms