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Thinfilm NFC

Now that smartphones everywhere means digital connectivity anywhere, any physical goods you can hold in your hand can become a rich digital experience. Thinfilm NFC makes the connection seamlessly, with sensor technology printed on smart labels, attached to a variety of packages. Anything that can be labeled can be tracked at any and every step from factory to consumers’ homes— and in real time. Because Thinfilm labels make every unit secure and perfectly unique, it can create a continuous and complete stream of data every time someone chooses to interact with that unique item.

The Challenge. Tracking and analyzing the data from each and every discrete interaction between a physical object and any person with a smartphone meant ThinFilm needed a global data platform. It had to have unlimited capacity, for integrating data quickly and securely, for use by manufacturers, distributors, and consumers. And it needed to adapt to constant change among all parts of the system. Analytic transparency all phases of data supply at every link in the chain would expose new opportunities to meet changes in consumer behavior and preference faster and more profitably than ever before.

The Solution. With roots in process manufacturing, ThinFilm needed to extend the reach of its data strategy to encompass third-party supply chains as well as mobile and web-based data. ElevationData led the efforts to create an integrated platform, serving multiple data streams across this new ecosystem. The foundation layer was facilitated by a migration from standalone databases, consolidated to AWS RDS on the Amazon cloud platform. This, in turn, provided the support behind the company’s CNECT SDK. CNECT lets CPG companies treat any package label like an active IoT Device.

Backed by Data Engineering Operations services from ElevationData, CNECT platform features REST-based APIs, giving ThinFilm customers a highly configurable user experience platform. It delivers query data objects with responses rendered in JSON, writing them to the database. ThinFilm customers can also run BI and reports by aggregating event transactions. ElevationData ensures continuity, scalability and data quality to ensure reliable consumer experiences drive marketing success for ThinFilm’s customers.

The Benefits. ElevationData gives ThinFilm the complete set of data services and solutions needed to deliver its data-driven platform CNECT smart-label integration platform for CPG

Acquire/Ingest Any Source Data

Mix/match transactional, streaming, batch using Aurora and Redshift, plus Kinesis streaming

End-to-end Buildout

Architect and deploy cloud data pipeline infrastructure using key opensource/AWS technologies

Production monitoring, 24/7

Mission-critical data continuity operations across business and analytic use cases