Personalized Medicine


Blockchain Distributed Ledger, secure HIPAA data at scale, hybrid cloud


Gali Health

Over 85% of chronic diseases stem from preventable choices that patients make in everyday life between infrequent visits to the doctor. They know it and their health care providers do too. Do both sides make preventive care into continuous collaboration?

Gali Health set out to create a secure, confidential cloud from millions of patients, and to align daily lifestyle data with detailed medical history. Gali Health turned to ElevationData to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure that is both and secure and scalable. Designed from the bottom up with blockchain secure distributed ledger technology, the cutting-edge AI benefits can bridge a continuous stream of daily patient activities with clinical and epidemiological data – and tailors knowledge for each patient’s personal context. Insurance companies and research organizations subscribe to comprehensive depersonalized patient data, guaranteeing compliance and confidentiality for all participants.

  • Blockchain for secure, distributed ledger, safeguarding patient confidentiality
  • Continuous integration with constant growth across source data feeds
  • 24×7×365 security & compliance monitoring for deep into visibility cloud operations